Top Foods to Include in Your Diet

How many of you have started a new diet every Monday and failed by mid-week? I understand that it’s almost impossible to stick to a “diet” and follow it for the rest of your life. I have faced a lot of such hindrances in my life, and I finally learned my lesson the hard way!

There is no one diet for all. Your food and eating habits should be curated around the following factors:

  • Your demographics
  • Your likes and dislikes (includes allergies)
  • Your body type

Even if you cannot stick to a particular diet, you can include and subtract certain foods from your daily intake, depending on your health and fitness goals.

Here are some options you should include in your diet, no matter the circumstances.

Cruciferous vegetables


Broccoli, cabbage, and others of that family fall under this category. Since they are rich in glucosinolates and other nutrients, they help in the natural detoxification process in the body.



They are a group of food that generally provides the essential fiber and nutrients recommended for daily intake. We Indians typically find them in dals, vegetables, etc.



Since it has low in the glycemic index compared to grains like polished white rice, it can be replaced by rice. Moreover, they enrich the meal with proteins and nutrients when appropriately cooked.

Seasonal fruits


Although sugar is bad for you, savoring natural sugar from fruits is a recommended habit. Eating seasonal fruits will help us cooperate with the changing temperature around us and keep diseases at bay.

Green leafy vegetables

leafy vegetables
Leafy Vegetables

We have heard from primary school that green vegetables are good for us. But why? These vegetables are packed with zeaxanthin and lutein, which can help the body protect against macular degeneration and prevent diseases.

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