Top 5 Stress management strategies for better health

In today’s uncertain and fast-paced life, stress is inevitable. Although various factors induce stress in our body, the root of it is all linked to how well we employ stress management strategies into our lives and handle things thrown at us.

Stress is typically defined as “A state of body/mind that triggers mental, physical or emotional responses in a human being.” The factors leading to stress could be as simple as work pressure or as vast as death.

Stress Management Strategies

Speaking from personal experience, dealing with stress can be a tedious and daunting experience, primarily if it is associated with overthinking and feeding never-ending negative thoughts. However, by knowing some stress management strategies, we can manage our physical and mental well-being to a great extent. 

Importance of applying stress management strategies

Several studies have been conducted that typically convey the seriousness of stress management. The effects of chronic stress can hamper one’s ability to survive on a day-to-day basis and also our progress in the professional world. It could also eventually lead to depression. 

Stress not only causes a negative effect on a person’s mental well-being, but when it is untreated with efficient stress management strategies, it can also harm physical well-being. For example, recently, we have seen a lot of sudden cardiovascular failures, which have led to premature deaths in people. One of the primary reasons for this is the unhealthy lifestyle we lead today, becoming slaves to growing technologies. 

Stress and anxiety, followed by unhealthy diet and sleeping habits, are the significant causes of deteriorating health in over half of the population.

Some of the symptoms of stress are:

  • Headache, body pain
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Overthinking and anxiety
  • Irritability; and many more

Despite the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, there are effective ways to manage stress by which we can keep diseases at bay. Some of these effective methods are mentioned below: 

Stress Management Strategy 1 : Physical Activity

Exercise for Stress management

Any form of physical activity, like weight lifting, walking, or running, can handle stress effectively. It is one of the popular methods by which people unload their burdens. Taking a short walk or lifting weights in the gym are two of the most effective ways I handle my stress-related problems. 

Stress Management Strategy 2 : Meditation Practices

Meditation for stress management

Meditation for stress management is a method that originated in the Asian subcontinent. But, this method’s positive effects have traveled the entire world. Deep breathing techniques used in meditation and yoga for stress relief help keep the mind and body sane and calm, enhancing focus. It also promotes holistic methods of leading life, positively affecting all areas of our lives. 

Stress Management Strategy 3: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for stress management

It is one of the modern methods, yet an effective one. A lot of essential oils, candles, and scents are used in this procedure, which induces sleep and reduces chronic stress. Centers that promote aromatherapy help people in need of stress management by generating scent into the olfactory system, which directly calms the brain cells.  

In this fast-paced, career-driven world, it is easy to forget about our loved ones. However, spending time with friends and family has proven beneficial in taking the load off our daily routine.

Stress Management Strategy 4 : Family and Friends

Family and friends for stress management

In this fast-paced, career-driven world, it is easy to forget about our loved ones. However, spending time with friends and family has proven beneficial in taking the load off our daily routine.

Stress Management Strategy 5 : Consulting a Doctor

Doctor for stress management

Lastly, it is always best to consult a doctor to reduce chronic stress. However, without you taking a step in the right direction for a lifestyle change, medications will prove to be only partially beneficial.


Stress is a natural effect of thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Although a certain amount of stress can be beneficial in pushing you above your limits, many times, as mentioned above, it can lead to various long-term health complications. Hence, it is best to use the abovementioned stress management strategies to manage stress regularly.

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